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Special SEO services for Ecommerce websites…..

If you have an ecommerce website then you need Ecommerce SEO. Search Engine Optimization for ecommerce website is different from regular SEO for other websites. This is so because an ecommerce website has more number of pages as it features lots of products. Hence, such kinds of services require concentrating on optimizing every page so that every product is displayed in the search results. Also every product is also displayed through the shopping gateways.

Difference Between SEO and Ecommerce SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization is the technique focusing on attracting more traffic on your website.
  • Ecommerce SEO concentrates on pushing individual product pages that are a part of the catalogue. It also focuses on integrating the catalog on the website into the search engines which already have shopping websites integrated into their structures.

Ecommerce SEO @ Kavya Digital Solution

Here is a brief note on how professionals at Kavya Digital Solution work to offer impeccable ecommerce SEO to their clients.

Developing a Technical Platform

The first task is to design a search engine optimization plan which consists of incorporating modifications in your site as per the need of your ecommerce website. Each and every facet of the site is optimized to make sure that search engines are able to read the content with ease and efficiency.

On Page and Off Page Optimization

Common SEO strategies are used in combination to make sure that design and content of the site are optimized while keeping in mind the keywords. Our professionals make sure that your site has keywords enriched content to appeal your target audience. This is the process of on page optimization.

For off page optimization, your ecommerce site is submitted across all the popular social bookmarking sites and online directories. Impressive landing pages are designed; link building strategy is devised in order to reach to the maximum prospects. We also include your site in local listings on all main search engines so that no stone is left unturned to bring maximum benefits for your business.

Stage-wise Reporting

We understand the importance of reporting. Hence, our professionals provide various reports on the planning, implementation and progress of this campaign. There is detailed information on the performance and progress of ecommerce SEO plan along with reports on submissions that have been made to various online directories. They also submit the report on traffic on the site.

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