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Pay Per Click is a kind of paid advertisement technique in which the ads of your website are placed into the search results of the most popular search engines in exchange of a particular amount of fee for every visitor that clicks on the advertisement.

Pay Per Click Management Services are a bundle of online marketing services offered by internet marketing vendors like Kavya Digital Solution. Our professionals are responsible for designing and managing the PPC campaign, designing creative and effective ads and determining the list of keywords to bid for.

Benefits of PPC Management Services

There are various advantages of having PPC Management Services. Some of these have been mentioned below:

  • Instant high ranks for your business
  • Ensure superb effectiveness by real time track-ability of keywords
  • Increased local visibility along with national exposure
  • Complete control over Google AdWords
  • Clean and clear Return on Investment calculation

Does My Business Need PPC

Well that is one question you must answer before hiring professionals for the same. There are some points on which you need to do enough study and research to know whether your business really needs PPC or not. Let us see these important points which will help you take a wise decision.

  • It is good for companies which are able to have a steady budget for their marketing campaigns.
  • Companies need to figure out how much traffic are they expecting because this will be the basis of the calculation of budget.
  • The PPC prices rise and fall depending upon the competitiveness and importance of the keyword. It is high for keywords which are highly competitive and vice versa.
  • PPC management services are beneficial for obtaining traffic only for those keywords which are competitive in SEO.

How Does Kavya Digital Solution Help in PPC?

Well there are some of the key features which make PPC management services at Kavya Digital Services all the more effective.

  • Instant Traffic Inflow: By having ads on the top of the search results.
  • Complete Control of Your Ad Copy: As soon as the visitor clicks on your ad, he is sent to the destination URL without any delay.
  • Customized Audience Selection: Helps you select your target market based on geographical locations who will see your ad thereby helping you control the visibility of your ad.

Account Set Up

For an impeccable PPC campaign

The team of professionals at  Kavya Digital Solution  follows a well defined process while designing a perfect and most effective PPC campaign to promote your business. Here is a step-wise procedure that is followed to make sure that your business gets best benefitted with it.

Competitive Analysis

The team begins with understanding the competitors and intensity of competition. It studies every competitor in detail to know which ones have made the highest investments and what all keywords rank the highest. This forms the basis of planning the campaign as per the need of the client and to know how much money and efforts will be required to help the business bring up to a desired level in the online market.

Keyword Analysis

We figure out the list of keywords to know which ones are critical as per the advertisement and the need of the client to ensure that you enjoy wonderful conversion rate.

Designing and Developing Advertisements

The next step involves creating innovative and effective advertisements for the client based on all the information that has been collected in the prior step. These ads will focus on targeting your target market and converting the potential prospects into customers by motivating them to make a purchase. These ads will be designed specifically as per the needs and expectations of your target market.

Tacking the Progress

At each level we monitor the performance and progress of the advertisement. For this we integrate Google Analytics into your site or the landing page so that the effectiveness of the ad can be measures to know the performance of PPC campaign. It will be helpful in knowing how much traffic on the website is due to PPC campaign.

Landing Page Optimization

This is another very important step that is included in the process. The purpose of optimizing the landing page is to that will be to create an effective page on which visitors will land first and will be served with the most important information as soon as they land. Our team creates captivating landing pages which are designed around a specific advertisement, keeping in mind the targeted keywords so that our clients can have amazing conversion rates.

All these steps are performed with utmost perfection to ensure that your PPC campaign gets maximum benefits for your business.

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