All website visitor are recommend to read this Terms Of Use very carefully. If you are browsing on the website or using any service of the website it means that you have read all terms and condtions and are fully agreed.If you are submiting any inquiry on website or calling us for service through website it means you are fully agreed with Terms and Conditions. If you are not agreed with these terms and condtions , you may leave the website instantliy.

  • 1. Clients have to describe all the project requirement during project planning.It is recommended to submit project documentation file and UI layouts during before project starting. Any additional changes during project implementation will be extra charged.
  • 2. Client are requested to provide project review instantly so that we could finish the project on time.
  • 3. After project implimentation and submission it will be clients responsiblity to keep the proejct back-up , server detail and all data securily. We are not responsible to provide the back up or project related data after project submission.
  • 4. Client have to make at least 50% of the payment in advance during project processing.
  • 5. Clients have to share all project related content on time.
  • 6. In case of project cancellation client have to bear the charges of implemented project.
  • 7. We are not committed for browser compatibility in old versions of the browsers .
  • 8. The watermark of the company “Design and Developed by Kavya Digital Solution” will be in the developed project with website link https://www.kavyadigitalsolution.com If client ask to remove the watermark than there will be 20% extra charged of the project amount. Otherwise Kavya Digital Solution will not provide any support for developed projects, if customer ask for support that will be extra chargeable.
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