5 Reasons why Website Maintenance is of Crucial Importance

Website maintenance is crucial to the success of your business whether you have created the website yourself or had got it built by someone else. Businesses that neglect website maintenance run the risk of getting their site penalized in search engine results. If a page ranking is substantially low enough, they might even be booted out from Google’s search results pages altogether.


Here are the 5 key reasons explaining why website maintenance is of crucial importance:

  1. Your online presence is crucial to your business

The easiest way to show customers what you offer is to have a presence on the Internet. A website can be your business card; it is the first impression potential clients get of you and what you do.

For businesses who have created their own website, it is often perceived as a more serious and professional level of business than someone who has one built for them by an external web design company (if one exists).

Loyal customers will be more likely to return to your site in the future if they know it is up-to-date, attractive and easy to navigate.

  1. Google search results are increasingly competitive

Businesses that have not upgraded their sites to include the latest SEO have been pushed further down the list in Google’s search results pages, often appearing below more recent competitors who have done so.

In fact, a study by Moz revealed that for a number of keywords and phrases, older websites (as old as 10 years) are ranking higher than newer websites (as new as four months). The reason for this is likely due to the new websites not including SEO best practices.

  1. Websites are continually “under construction”

Even with the best SEO practices in place, it’s never too late to continue upgrading your website to ensure it remains competitive in search engine rankings. If your website has been reactivated, you may have missed the opportunity to secure more clients and customers, causing your business to lose out on sales.

  1. Google AdWords is a great resource for new customers!

After all, many people search online for similar products and services already and rely on Google to provide useful website information like reviews about a business.

For businesses who have not upgraded their sites, it can be hard to tell how successful AdWords are as a source of new customers. The good news is that many businesses that have had their websites updated with SEO will see significantly increased traffic from search engines such as Google – this is because they will be better positioned in the rankings of search engine results pages.

  1. Content management systems are becoming more and more important

Content management systems are a great way to maintain pages and post regular information on your business, such as new products and services. They also make it easy to keep your web design current, even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

If your website is about four years old, consider hiring an SEO company now. If your site is younger than this, maintenance should become a larger priority over the next couple of years.


Maintaining a website is just as important as creating it. It all helps ensure that your online presence is strong, attracts new customers, and allows you to stay competitive in search engine results. If you are not interested in doing this yourself, then consider getting an SEO company to assist you instead.

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