Top 3 App Crash Reporting Tools Worth Using

With the surge in mobile apps and mobile app development, the number of app crashes has increased. The more popular your app is the bigger your chance of crashing. Many developers deal with this issue by having a crash reporting system in place to monitor crashes, track information on that specific crash, and take appropriate action. However, users often report an error with their device and not an actual crash; these errors are typically referred to as unreported exceptions or not yet debugged errors. With our ever-increasing demand for personalized customer service each and every day, it is critical that you have a way in which you can keep track of all crashes so that your developers know what has been going wrong.

Here is a list of some of the best-performing app crash-reporting tools presently available in the market.

  1. Instabug

Instabug is, arguably, the most popular crash-reporting tool for iOS devices and is especially liked by Apple. Instabug provides your app with data that is essential to you so that you may understand what your users are experiencing and also make sure that the app is working efficiently. Instabug tracks app crashes in real-time and notifies the developer on how many users’ apps have crashed.

One great feature of Instabug is its advanced monitoring system that alerts the developer anytime an app crashes and also allows the developer to do additional checks in their device (fingerprint or core data) to find out what happened.

  1. Crashlytics

Crashlytics is a mobile crash reporting tool created by Twitter and is probably the most popular one in its class. This tool lets you access crash reports, charts and heatmaps, as well as active user sessions. The tool works perfectly with iOS and Android devices and is extremely efficient in the way it communicates with devices that are not connected to the Internet. Also, Crashlytics lets you view crash reports for all of your beta testers for free and only charges a fee for customers beyond your beta testers.

  1. Bugsnag

Bugsnag is a popular mobile bug detection and tracking tool that works wonders with both iOS and Android devices. This tool allows you to connect the application to your existing infrastructure so that the real-time bug information can be accessed through a dashboard.

Another great feature of Bugsnag is its ability to discover bugs in an app right from your phone. The Bugsnag API integrates with certain browsers and lets you view crashes in different device types, understand what was happening within the app at the time of crashing, and analyze the performance details of the crashing application. Also, this tool is one of the most affordable app crash reporting tools on this list.


This was a detailed article on the top 3 app crash reporting tools that can help you analyze crashes and avoid crashes in your app.

Whether you choose Instabug, Bugsnag, or Crashlytics, you need to select an iOS crash reporting tool that is efficient and will not only be there for your brand but also for your users.



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